Leasing at Campus View Is Easy!

When your friends tell you something is great, you listen. And that’s how many of our residents at Campus View Apartments have found us. Many people were told about our quality apartment homes by their friends. Some were even told by older siblings who lived here while attending the University of Iowa in previous years. When life at Campus Apartments is this good, word gets around!


A Home Prepared Just for You

We make student apartment leasing easy at Campus View. When you choose to live with us, you can expect to find a clean, well-prepared home waiting for you. All leases at Campus View are staggered in three-day intervals. This allows us time to make sure every apartment is freshly painted, cleaned, and repaired for your move-in. While we don’t employ or hire a full-time cleaning crew for each apartment, we do take cleanliness seriously when preparing space for new tenants. We hire professional cleaners to help ensure that every space is truly ready for a fresh start whenever new students like you move in. These cleaning professionals are only available the day you check-in, doing a spot-check with you to help ensure that your apartment is 100% clean and move-in ready. Hallways and laundry rooms are professionally cleaned twice a month; every unit is sprayed by a professional pest control service once a month.

With us, you aren’t just passed the keys from the previous tenant and wished good luck—you’re welcomed into a relaxing, clean new home with the reassurance that your apartment has been scoured by professional cleaners, painted by professional painters and, if necessary, repaired by professional maintenance crews.


Peace and Quiet

Your studies at the University of Iowa will keep you busy, and you’ll definitely want quiet time to hit the books and rest up for the next round of classes. At Campus View Apartments, all of our buildings are quiet living buildings. You can count on being able to come home and relax, work, and enjoy the comfort of your surroundings without any hassle.


The Nitty Gritty

Before you move in, make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running by contacting the utility services you’ll need. Here’s the contact information for everything from power and heat to TV, Internet, and water: