Life in a Campus View apartment home is amazing in so many ways, but don’t just take our word for it. When it comes to terrific university housing, no one can tell you about it better than our many satisfied residents! In fact, many of our happiest apartment dwellers have been referred to us by friends or older siblings who also attended the University of Iowa and lived here. Read on and you’ll find out exactly how life at Campus View Apartments is everything you want and need for a great home while you study hard!

A great place to live!

My wife and I were fortunate to rent from your company. Unlike others you always kept your word with prompt repairs; treated us with respect; and were responsive in returning our deposit. We felt like we were dealing with honest people and not treated as just a “renter”. My gratitude and appreciation for your professionalism during the 4 years. We enjoyed doing business with you.

Bill and Lynette Stump

Quiet living Policy

I rented a 1-bedroom apartment through Campus View during my last year of medical school. It was downtown and they made the rules clear as to the quiet living policy. As a result, I got to enjoy downtown without the noise of the undergrad scene causing too much of an intrusion and I had a great year.

Excellent location for healthcare students…

I lived in the duplex on Melrose Ct. for 2 years while attending pharmacy school, and the location could not have been more perfect for me. Not only was it a short walk (less than 8 mins) to class, but it is also right across the street from the university hospital where I was employed while in school.

Danielle H.

Great location

I lived at 527 North Dubuque for 3 years of my undergrad career and have only great things to say about the property and management staff. The location was great for school and weekend life. It was perfect, I was within a 10 minute walk of all my classes as well as Starbucks.

Megan C.

Best management in Iowa City!!!

I lived at 427 North Dubuque for 2 years and have only great things to say about the building and management staff. Bryan was very accommodating and incredibly prompt at taking care of any maintenance issues.

Jacob Samuel

Clean, quiet, and excellent security.

My bike was stolen from the bike rack at 490 Iowa Ave. I reported it to the police as well as informing Bryan of the incident, but had little hope of my bike being recovered. Within hours, Bryan gave me a video of the theft. Much to my surprise, the culprit was identified and my bike was returned to me. Thank you…

Morgan F.

The management staff was very friendly

Between my two daughters, they were tenants of Campus View Management for 3 years. The management staff was very friendly and easy to work with. Both apartments my girls lived in were very clean and maintained with excellent. They each had a couple of minor maintenance requests, and each time the issue was fixed within 24 hrs or less. At the time of checkout, we made sure the apartments were clean and returned in the same condition they were received, and in both cases full deposits were returned.

Parent of Katelin and Hailey C.

Awesome location.

Was able to talk to all my classes in less than 10 mins, as well as the bars downtown. Cambus stop within a half a block also.

Michael T.